Treat your excellent meals with 100% sour leavened bread. By making healthy and delicious breads in your home, your dishes will be crowned. Variety in your invitations, bread is not difficult to make.
 Why do we make bread from wheat? What are the Characteristics of Wheat? How Many Parts Of Wheat Consists Of? What are Enzymes in Wheat? Why these enzymes are so important. How to make bread with stone mill flour? How are the grades classified? What are the main characteristics of flour? Where are hard flour and soft flour? What is Gluten, what does it do? How can we neutralize the gluten? Why should we use sour milk? Why are sour leavened breads kneaded long? Does the water rate prolong the life of the bread? What is sour yeast culture in our country? The sour leavened breads are then added to the salt. Water, yeast, flour and salt in which temperature should be? Why fold? What is cold fermentation? What should be the first temperature of the oven? How to bake bread in built-in ovens in the house? All the explanations that you will not think of with bread, you will learn in the Introduction to the Yeast Training. There is always a trick point. But when we ask why we’re doing the process, the answer is very few. Can I do it at home? Yeah, you can bake these bread at home.
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Sourdough Introduction Bread Training is 2 days and is between 09:00 – 16:00. Personalized. Education dates are determined mutually. Educational location Osmanğa Mah. Sogutlucesme Cad. Nüzheteefendi Sok. No: 13 Kadikoy / Turkey

What do we do in 2 days?
1-Sourdough 100% Whole Wheat Bread
2-Rye Bread
3- Sourdough White Bread
4- Sourdough Village Bread
5- Toasted Bread with Sourdough