100% Sourdough Artisan Bread Level 2 Training. Recipes that prepared by keeping pre-sourdough are prepared in a traditional way. The adventure of each bread varies with pre-sourdough that prepared according to Breakfast Bread’s texture.
The journey of artisan breakfast breads will take you back to old days. Sourdough in simit, açma ( a savoury bun), poğaça (pastry) that belong to Turkish Culture will allure you. When Anatolia’s poppy seeds meet sourdough, you will appetite even more! An irreplaceable old friend of sweet marmalade French Brioche brings festival to mild sweet and sour palates. Italians’ sourdough Panettone bread is, in fact, a love story. With its crispy texture, sourdough Pretzel is a different interpretation of a German classic. Bagel, which is the most consumed breakfast snack in US and Canada, is the charm of sourdough since it is consumed warm. Sourdough Focaccia is a kind of embellisher of your table. You can blend all the tips you learn in Artisan Level 2 Training and create your own sourdough bread recipes.
Training Period: 4 days
Time: 09.30-19.00
100% Sourdough Breakfast Bread Series that last 4 days:
1- Açma
2- Poğaça
3- Brioche
4- Focaccia
5- Ciabatta
6- Baguette
7- Chickpea Yeast Bread with Potato
8- Altamura
9- 100% Whole Wheat free shaping
10- Panettone
11- Burger Bun
12- Sandwich Bread
13- Simit
14- Bagel
15- Pretzel
16- Poppy Seed Bun